Preserving Today
Protecting Tomorrow




Preserving Today
Protecting Tomorrow


New study suggests: Umbilical cord stem cells infused into critically ill COVID-19 patients reduces the risk of death and accelerates recovery

What are the Stem Cells (SCs)

Regenerative medicine, the most recent and emerging branch of medicine, deals with functional restoration of tissues and / or organs for the patient suffering from severe injuries or chronic disease. The spectacular progress in the field of stem cells has laid the foundation for cell based therapies of disease which cannot be cured by conventional medicines. The indefinite self-renewal and potential to differentiate into other types of cells represent stem cells as the last frontier of regenerative medicine.

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    Embryonic Stem Cells


    Diseases Treated:
    Standard and Clinical Trials

    Current Uses
    Blood Disorders

    Sickle Cell and 25+ others


    Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and 25+ others

    Immune Disorders

    Evans Syndrome and 22+ others

    Metabolic Disorders

    Hunter Disease and 19+ others

    Promising Research /
    Clinical Trials

    Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Stem Cells
    Spinal Cord Injuries
    Type 1 Diabetes
    Hearing Loss
    Alzheimer’s Disease
    Heart Disease
    Parkinson’s Disease
    Other Cancers

    Stem Cells Potential

    After several decades of research, stem cell therapy is becoming a magnificent game changer for medicine. The influence of stem cells in regenerative medicine and transplantology is immense. Currently, untreatable neurodegenerative diseases have the possibility of becoming treatable with stem cell therapy. Induced pluripotency enables the use of a patient’s own cells. Tissue banks are becoming increasingly important, as they gather cells that are the source of regenerative medicine in a struggle against present and future diseases. We are better able to prolong and sustain a good quality of life with the use of stem cells and regenerative medicine. Scientists continue to research more ways to treat more diseases with cord blood SCs. At Duke University, for example, researchers are using patients’ own cord blood in trials for cerebral palsy and hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (a condition in which the brain does not receive enough oxygen). Trials are also under way for the treatment of autism at the Sutter Neuroscience Institute in Sacramento, California.

    TELOMERIX STEM CELLS BIOBANK The First Private Stem Cell Bank in Virginia

    State of the art facility and the most advanced processing technology

    Telomerix is the first private stem cell bank in Virginia, and is committed to providing the area with priceless stem cell recovery and cryopreservation through state of the art technology. We understand that these stem cells are invaluable and potentially life saving, so we handle each and every collection with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our superior method of collection and processing enables parents to have the best quality stem cells in their back pocket, should they ever find themselves in the scary situation of needing them to help their children.

    Our Services

    Cord Blood Hematopoietic Stem Cells

    HSCsCord Blood Hematopoietic Stem Cells

    The fetal blood remaining in the umbilical cord after clamping and delivering the baby, is densely rich in Hematopoietic Stem Cells. These stem cells hold an immense medical potential for blood formation and are currently used to treat over 80 diseases.
    Cord Tissue Mesenchymal Stem Cells

    MSCsCord Tissue Mesenchymal Stem Cells

    The stem cells within the umbilical cord itself are called Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC). These stem cells are able to grow into a wide variety of tissues including bone, cartilage, muscle, adipose tissue, etc.
    Adipose Tissue Stem Cells

    ADSCsAdipose Tissue Stem Cells

    Adipose tissue-derived stem cells are mesenchymal cells with the capacity for self-renewal and multipotential differentiation. This multipotentiality allows them to become adipocytes, chondrocytes, myocytes, osteoblasts and neurocytes among other cell lineages.
    Platelet-rich Plasma

    PRPPlatelet-rich Plasma

    PRP has been used in multiple clinical scenarios to encourage healing, decrease inflammation, in musculoskeletal pain, tissue repair in tendons, ligaments, muscles, hair growth, skin aging, etc.

    THE FUTURE Welcome to a new era in Medicine

    Body’s Raw Materials

    Stem Cells are the body’s raw materials, they have the ability to divide and differentiate into various types of specialized cells.

    Source of New Cells

    They are the source of new cells, dividing into the same cell type or different cell types, creating the basis for tissues and organs regeneration and repair.

    Cell Specialization

    They are the building blocks that all cell specialization branches out from.

    The Future

    They are an exciting and rapidly progressing field in regenerative medicine and are currently used to help heal many chronic disorders.

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